Rambert Dance

Children enjoying a dance sessions at Rambert

Our partnership with the brilliant and daring Rambert dance company began when we offered them land to build their new headquarters and dance studios. 

In return, Rambert offers an extensive community dance programme for toddlers, children and teenagers right through to classes for over 60s. Locals of all ages benefit from these programmes led by Rambert artists, which cost between £2 and £3 each. There’s also a dance programme with local schools and Rambert gives our community free tickets to in-person and online performances. Find out about Rambert Classes available now to residents of Coin Street.

Rambert Home Studio, a place to access free online dance classes

Rambert is currently offering our community free access to their online classes now available on their new online home, Rambert Home Studio. All are encouraged to join, explore and take part in a range of classes designed for all abilities and ages. 

Screenshot of Rambert Home Studio

You’ll find lots of content on Rambert Home Studio, from Rambert dancers’ workout playlists to a new podcast series Super Humans featuring inspiring guests like Thandie Newton. Simply sign up at Rambert Home Studio then email your username, email address and postcode to register for a free class subscription.

Email Rambert for free online classes and more

Rambert and Coin Street, a partnership