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Rich New

Richard's Big Half Blog

18 July 2024

We sat down with Richard Atkins who shared his running journey and motivations behind signing up for The Big Half.

Zeta New

Zeta's Story

11 July 2024

Today, I am going to talk about something that's quite important: living in a housing co-op.

Tina New

Tina's Story

11 July 2024

My story starts back in 1988, when I joined the waiting list for Mulberry.

Sonia New

Sonia's Story

11 July 2024

I am Portuguese and came to London in 2005, a journey that set the stage for many significant changes in my life.

Simon New

Simon's Story

11 July 2024

I have been a Waterloo resident for 33 years after moving from Vauxhall with my parents in the early 90’s.

nikolo New

Nikolo's Story

11 July 2024

As I gazed at London's iconic skyline from the South Bank, one sunny morning, inspiration arose inside of me.

Maya New

Maya's Story

11 July 2024

My name is Maya and I have been a member of the Coin Street Community since around the age of 4.

Marie New

Marie's Story

11 July 2024

I first got involved with Coin Street around 2003 as a volunteer for the Family and Children’s Centre.