Two women talking with child

Stephanie is a local parent and Family Support and Community Programmes participant

"Coin Street has helped me become a confident mummy."
When I had my first child I suffered from postnatal depression. The health visitor told me about the services available at Coin Street but, at the time, I didn’t want to leave the house. I had low self-esteem and felt like I wasn’t good enough to be around people. Eventually, the health visitor convinced me to attend the family support sessions at Coin Street and I’ve never looked back. When the family support staff were talking to me, I felt like a mum. They were giving me advice and they supported me. I instantly felt different.
When I had my youngest last year, the postnatal depression returned. I came back to Coin Street and it’s been amazing. The staff know me and love my children. I’m more confident now. I’m not scared or worried. If I have any doubts, there’s always someone to turn to here.
Coming to Coin Street has turned me into a confident mummy and helped me feel good about myself again. I would recommend Coin Street to any parent who wants to bond with their children, meet new people and enjoy being a parent.
Postnatal depression nearly killed me twice, but I got out of it with the support I had around me. I will never forget what Coin Street has done for me.