Annette Telesford

Annette Telesford

Annette is Venue Supervisor at Bargehouse and a local resident

"Community activities are great as they allow the wider community to engage with co-op residents."

How did you come to know about Coin Street and what do you love about what you do?

I’m a local resident and got to hear about Coin Street Community Builders when I was working at the Thames Festival. I love my job and enjoy working as a venue supervisor as I meet lots of talented and creative people and it’s that combination I love. I also get to use my pragmatic can do approach to any situation which can be challenging but still a joy.

As a local resident, do you make use of the local space?

I use the Bernie Spain Gardens and I have to say it is nice when dogs don’t use it. I don’t know how you police that though. It is really nice for residents to use as most of us only have balconies. I think the gardens are used by a mixture of people who live in the area and office workers.