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Image of Sotis standing in his studio.

Our new series, ‘Maker of the Month’, takes a closer look at the talented designer-makers at Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank. Each month highlights a new designer-maker and explores each maker’s story, product, and creative process.

For the second instalment of the series, we spoke to Sotis Filippides of Sotis Studio Ceramics. Sotis produces handmade ceramics. Each pot, bowl, and vase is thrown by hand and fired in a kiln.

Sotis joined the Oxo Tower Wharf designer-maker community in 2011. He tells us he feels very lucky to be a part of our community, as Oxo Tower Wharf is full of creative people. Most of the makers create their work in their studios, while simultaneously meeting customers and visitors who stop by. Sotis says the creative community is a very friendly environment, and it has helped him a lot in his career.

Every piece that Sotis creates is bespoke and is made on the wheel in a traditional way.

Sotis is from Greece, and the core of the inspiration behind his work is the water, sand, and sea of Greece as he grew up by the Greek seaside. As his studio faces the River Thames in London, Sotis says this adds to his inspiration, and the beautiful views are a bonus!

With an open-plan studio, Sotis is more than happy to speak to any visitors walking by who may see a ceramic that catches their eye. Working with the public has had a significant influence on his work. Clients can give him new ideas and discuss their likes and dislikes, so his skills are always improving.

Every piece created by Sotis is handmade, made-to-order, and completely tailored to suit the needs and requirements of each individual client. He caters to a certain type of client who prefers to shop independent, rather than shop on the high street. Clients can discuss ideas with Sotis in his studio, and in collaboration, they can create a unique ceramic piece together.

Using rough clay suitable for sculpting, Sotis says he is always fascinated by the number of new textures he can create with his clay. To decorate his ceramics, he uses 24ct gold and platinum to give his pieces added shine and extra value.

We asked Sotis: “If you had to describe Sotis Studio Ceramics in three words, what would you say?”

He responded: “unique, bespoke art!”


Visit Sotis Studio Ceramics at Oxo Tower Wharf to commission a bespoke ceramic of your own, carefully handcrafted and tailored to suit you.

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