What motivates us

Three children baking together and laughing

We believe in mixed uses, a diverse economy and a diverse community.

We want our neighbourhood to be a place where people feel happy and healthy, safe and secure, and where more than essential needs are met. A place that enables people to connect with each other, where they can build their confidence and skills whatever their age, and feel they belong. Most importantly we want our community to be resilient to life’s challenges.

We want our neighbourhood to have a wide range of job opportunities and businesses; to be a place where creative arts flourish and are accessible to all; where quality homes and green spaces are the norm; where there is a place to grab a pint of milk or go for a stylish meal; and where there are abundant opportunities for people to play, learn, laugh and share.

We recognise that change is a constant part of London’s history. Since 1984, we have championed change to improve our neighbourhood. We want to work with others who share our vision and to focus on the talents and potential of people to lead their own change.

Property development is now only a small part of our work. Our main focus is on our community programmes, and tackling some of the wider challenges of the 21st century including air quality, climate change, mental health, and care in old age. To meet these challenges, we need to develop a generation of leaders who can speak up for those who too often go unheard when political decisions are made. This will be a key strand of our work going forward.