The Doon Street Development

Doon Street design

Our Doon Street development will provide new swimming and indoor leisure facilities adjacent to the National Theatre. The development is split into three phases, all of which have planning consent. The first phase, Rambert’s headquarters and dance studios, was completed in 2013.

We’re currently working on phase two, which includes indoor swimming, leisure and fitness facilities and 236 flats for sale or letting at intermediate rents. The phase three site, a new education/office building, is currently occupied by The Green Room restaurant, and the land to its south will be used as a construction compound during the build of phase two. 

The three phases have been designed to an overall plan by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands.

Phase 1 – new HQ for Rambert

Designed by Allies and Morrison and completed in 2013, Rambert’s home includes its headquarters: three dance studios and Rambert’s extensive archive. The partnership with Coin Street delivers a community engagement programme including a range of dance classes and workshops for toddlers to ‘Mercury Movers’, sessions at local schools, and tickets to Rambert’s performances.

Phase 2 – indoor public swimming and leisure centre, homes and retail/restaurant

This phase received planning consent in 2008 but was subject to challenges in the High Court and Court of Appeal. In January 2011, the Supreme Court confirmed that it would not consider any further challenges. The capital costs of the indoor pools and leisure centre together with a 20 million pound endowment will be met by income from the sale of homes. We are currently exploring the viability of including 42 intermediate rent flats within this phase. Retail/restaurant use at ground level will complete the mix.

Phase 3 – education/office building, ground floor public uses, a new town square

This is the final phase and creates a new education/office building and town square, including a pedestrian bridge and lifts connecting it to Waterloo Bridge. 

Doon Street design