Sotis Filippides - Ceramic Review

Sotis in his studio

Sotis Filippides, one of our Oxo Tower Wharf tenants, has been featured in Ceramic Review with a lovely article.

Sotis creates elegant ceramics ranging from small items like bowls and lights to huge wall-mounted installations. During the first lockdown, he worked hard in his studio; business was good as he received commissions from interior designers as people were spending more time at home and looking to upgrade their decor.

Filippides moved from Athens to London to learn English and continued to expand his expertise in ceramics. Now, he has years of experience, and unparalleled knowledge of his customers and the market in which he operates. He discusses the clay he has used for 35 years, when he discovered it and how he glazes his work with 24-carat gold.

At the end of the piece, Sotis tells Ellen that he loves water – it’s a constant in his work. So, having a studio that overlooks the Thames is a bonus.

Follow the link below to read the full article