Jason - a child's story

Jason doing crafts

The challenges this year have meant many of our parenting sessions are now online. These sessions can be accessed by families, with children age 5 in our local area.

Jason and mum, Bia explain how our online parenting sessions helped them through a challenging year.

“I would like to thank your family support team for their virtual storytelling programme. Before Covid 19, we always joined your stay 'n' play sessions at Coin Street neighbourhood centre and Blackfriars Settlement every week. I think it’s good for Jason as he could learn more, meet other kids, play with new toys and develop new skills.

"Sadly, because of Covid, we couldn’t go to sessions in person anymore. The online sessions are the best option for us, and it is great that we can join them at home. We enjoy it so much; Jason is learning a lot from the sessions. The team are excellent and friendly. Everyone is so helpful and professional. It’s two-way communication so it’s better for him to learn from the sessions rather than YouTube. He likes the storytelling and he can learn new things.

Mum and child playing at a parenting session

"And he is also very interested in doing the arts and crafts.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone in the team involved with the online sessions. It’s helping us a lot at this difficult time. I hope everything will be back to normal soon so we can join the programme in person."


Thanks so much Coin Street, love Bia and Jason