Are you taking the Veg Pledge this November?

Image of multiple vegetarian dishes on a white table.

What is the Veg Pledge?

Veg Pledge is an annual fundraising challenge that takes place every November. Participants challenge themselves to go vegetarian or vegan for the month of November to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

By taking the Veg Pledge this month, not only will you learn some delicious new recipes but you’ll also be helping fund life-saving research to beat cancer sooner.

Read on to discover the benefits of taking the Veg Pledge, and how you can start fundraising today.


Why should I take the Veg Pledge?

If you take the Veg Pledge this year, not only will you be contributing to a fantastic cause, but you will also be provided with a great opportunity to add variety to your diet and strive towards a healthier lifestyle.

A vegetarian diet can vastly improve your heart health, and it’s a well-known fact that regularly consuming processed and red meats can increase your risk of bowel cancer. Cutting down on your consumption of these meats can have a huge positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Another benefit of taking the Veg Pledge is that it’s good for the environment and your pockets!

Meat products are often the most expensive items in your food shop, so you may see an increase in your savings by reducing how often you purchase meat products, especially if you cut down completely for a month. Vegetarianism also benefits the animal agricultural industry, as it decreases your ecological footprint. This includes a decrease in the amount of land, water, and oil resources you consume, as well as a decrease in CO2 emissions.

Image of a salad surrounded by other vegetables on a wooden table.

Our top fundraising ideas

If you’re looking for fundraising inspiration while you take the Veg Pledge this month, here are a few ideas that will help you raise money towards cancer research:

  • Host a vegetarian Come Dine With Me dinner party in exchange for a donation
  • Promote yourself taking part in the #VegPledge online on social media
  • Cook a vegetarian dish for your work colleagues in exchange for sponsorship
  • Host a Veg Pledge quiz night with your friends and family
  • Go green for the day – wear green exclusively to boost donations


Take the Veg Pledge on London’s South Bank

If you’re visiting London’s South Bank this November while you take the Veg Pledge, and you’re looking for restaurants with delicious veggie options to grab a bite to eat, look no further than Gabriel’s Wharf and Oxo Tower Wharf.

Gabriel’s Wharf has a diverse range of restaurants with a variety of veggie options available. Tuck into a delicious margarita pizza at Gourmet Pizza Co, or a hearty cheese toastie from The Big Melt.

At Oxo Tower Wharf, treat yourself to some organic gelato from La Gelatiera – you deserve it!


We hope you enjoy taking part in the Veg Pledge this November, raising funds towards life-saving cancer research, and boosting your health and wellbeing along the way!