The Summer starts here! - Summer Exhibition

The Summer starts here Summer Exhibition

Iaysha Contemporary Art is delighted to present to you a wonderful and eclectic show of established and emerging British contemporary artists.

Showcasing an array of artworks to uplift and inspire the soul.

Our collection includes artworks by Banksy, Brad Faine, Bruce McLean, Carne Griffiths, Christian Furr, Frank Bowling, Gavin Turk, Gerrad Manokwitz, Hildegard Pax, Iaysha Salih, Jack Frame, Maria Rivans, Paul Huxley, Peter Blake, Rose Blake & Shelley Rose.

Iaysha Contemporary Art sources art that brings your walls to life and adds personality to your home, office and commercial spaces. Art is an intuitive connection that resonates above the frequency of conventional communication.

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