Sounds of London

An exhibition focused on photographs, audios and video of London during the first lockdown to rediscover the real sounds and beauty of London.

Sounds of London is a visual art exhibition curated by Lara Ricca which aims to rediscover the act of listening and the real beauty and sounds of London.

The exhibition, in collaboration with the photographer Jan Enkelmann, the audio designer Will Cohen and the video maker Alessandro Mariscalco, displays images and sounds of an empty London.

In March 2020 during lockdown, the city talked and showed its historical beauty without its people and the artists recorded this unique historical moment. By displaying images, sounds and video the exhibition will allow visitors to have a full immersion experience through the streets of Central London to rediscover its beauty and sounds.

Please bring your own headphones to safely enjoy the audio displayed in the exhibition.

A bus drives down the empty streets of Central London
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