Quanzhou Pavilion, China: The Story of Stone

Story of Stone

Organised by the Cultural Section, Chinese Embassy in the UK, ‘Quanzhou Pavilion, China” presents an exhibition—"Maritime Echoes: The Story of Stone” for London Craft Week at gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf.

Propelled by the historical currents of the Maritime Silk Road, this voyage brings extraordinary craft traditions and exciting craftsmen, designers, artists, performers from Sounthern China. It aims to explore the cultural dimensions behind materials, craftsmanship, and local memories through the lens of stone. It incorporates the concept of a shifting ‘sea-place' discovered through "sea-silk" mapping, illustrating how maritime routes have historically altered the cultural and physical landscapes of Quanzhou, which explores how the city's identity has been shaped and reshaped by its interactions with the sea, reflecting on local knowledge, craftsmanship traditions, fisherwomen culture, and envisioning sustainable futures rooted in the traditional medium of stone.

Features contributions from 21 creative minds—10 craftsmen/craftswomen and 11 artists—showcasing 28 artworks alongside 8 commissioned projects. It highlights intangible cultural heritage projects with 2 world-class, 4 national, and 1 provincial project from Southern China.