New Creatives 2024 | Archisource: Drawing of the Year Exhibition

Graphic of Bargehouse.

An exhibition at Bargehouse of the very best creative images and architectural drawings from talents around the world.

Explore a showcase of the best drawings and creative imagery from around the world. The exhibition features an immense array of creative works from top architects, designers, artists and emerging talents recognised in the fifth Drawing of the Year Awards. Be immersed in a world of visual creativity.

Archisource presents the Drawing of the Year 2024 Exhibition in partnership with Affinity. Discover a unique celebration of creativity and collection of future thinkers and be inspired by an array of works that are pushing boundaries in visual representation and creative imagery.

Marking five inspiring years of celebrating creativity and innovation in architecture, design, and the arts, the exhibition includes captivating works across all creative processes from hand-drawn masterpieces and standout visualisations, to incredible architectural drawings.

Please note, Bargehouse is not a fully accessible building. You can find out more about the accessibility of the space here.