London Design Festival 2023: OpenWork | Açık Yapıt

Image of the art installation at Somerset House.

Based at Bernie Spain Gardens next to Oxo Tower Wharf as part of London Design Festival 2023, artist Melek Zeynep Bulut showcases OpenWork, a performative and theatrical exhibition of transitions.

Winner of the 'Public Medal' at this year’s London Design Biennale, the installation focuses on the rigidity that we call the ‘world’. With corners and walls, it highlights the perceptions that squeeze human beings into a concrete mentality.

The abstract gates and the plan created by the resonating audible surfaces that work just like a musical instrument turn into a game of 'exchange' with the touch of the visitor. While the installation embodies a monumental spatial arrangement and size intentionally, this hierarchical immunity is accompanied by tonality and flexibility when the visitors come into contact with the space. At this point, it is as if those big stones are moved, the meanings are reversed, and the decisiveness in which the human is in the center becomes essential.