London Craft Week 2022: Colour Theatre: Taiwan Fibre Craft

An image of Taiwanese fibre art.

As part of London Craft Week 2022, 'Colour Theatre: Taiwan Fibre Craft' is an exhibition brought to you by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

The exhibition invites fibre artists, crafts masters and crafts groups to show remarkable dyeing and weaving works of Taiwan.

The theme borrows common theatrical imageries, mainly the “actor,” the “scene,” and the “audiences” to jointly interpret colours at play. Among them, the role actors are created to discuss the underlying expression of natural dyeing pigment. The scene, on the other hand, is to discuss where the natural pigments are from in Taiwan. The roles of audiences are up to the public to play in order to complete the interactive theatrical performance.

Welcome to this colour theatre and explore a splendid performance played together by the craft artists, natural dyeing & weaving works and abundant resources from Taiwan.

The exhibition also includes three workshops:

  • Indigo Dyeing for Table Runner on 13 May 2022 2pm - 4pm
  • Indigo Dyeing for Woven Shibori 14 May 2022 2pm - 4pm
  • Soil Dyeing for Pocket Square 15 May 2022 2pm - 4pm

These workshops are free to attend, with 15 spaces available per workshop. To book a place at one of the three workshops, please email