A Letter in Mind 2020 : Everyday Things - NOW ONLINE

a letter in mind 2020


Unfortunately, this exhibition will no longer be taking place due to the government instructed lockdown, however artworks are still available to purchase online from 11am on 5 November 2020. To find out more details please visit: https://www.nationalbrainappeal.org/get-involved/a-letter-in-mind/

The exhibition raises funds for the charity that supports The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

Starting with a simple envelope we have invited visual responses from our artists, patients and supporters to show us their ‘everyday things’. This could be the daily ritual of a walk around their local area, a favourite mug or a much-loved bag. However predictable and supposedly routine these ‘things’ are, it’s often doing, using or seeing them that gives us time and space to reflect.

A Letter in Mind has gone from strength to strength and this year we are supported by a number of internationally-renowned creatives including Zandra Rhodes, Chantal Joffe, Mark Dion, Morag and Ishbel Myerscough, Bill Mundy, Tim Hopgood, Polly Dunbar and Chris Riddell, Laurie Chetwood and Andrew Grant to name just a few.

The artwork envelopes will all be priced identically at £85 and sold anonymously, online.

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Dates: 5 November 2020 - 8 November 2020

Opening Times: 11.00am - 6.00pm

Admission: FREE