Latitude - Wildlife Photographs from Across the Globe

Latitude branding and tiger

An exhibition of wildlife photographs by Roger Hooper, from The Arctic to Antarctica, to celebrate the launch of his new book Latitude.

“Many years ago, when I began my career as a professional wildlife photographer, I could not have imagined the devastating effect that human encroachment would have on our planet. I have witnessed firsthand, on my many journeys, how this and the annihilation of animals through poaching and the illegal wildlife trade has had such a catastrophic impact on the future of these beautiful creatures. It is this that informs all my work and my determination to make a difference, sharing my photographs with not only this generation, but with generations to come.

“When putting my new book “Latitude” together I thought about how I could best express my abiding passion for wildlife and its preservation in global terms. I wanted to create something that would not only move, but also motivate and bring about a greater awareness of the need to act now rather than later, while we still can. With that in mind, I decided that the most meaningful way to do so would be to feature images from my travels to all seven continents, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, in the hope that my passion will be shared and inspire others to help make a change for good.

“In addition to my passion for wildlife and conservation, I have another passion. In 2007 I founded Hoopers Africa Trust, a charity that transforms the lives of disadvantaged girls in Kenya, something I strongly believe is vital to the country’s future. To date, the charity has funded one hundred and fifty girls through secondary education, with twenty going on to graduate at university level and two completing master’s degrees.

“All proceeds from the sale of my new book will be donated to Hoopers Africa Trust.”

‘Tumaini La Baadaye’ – Hope for the Future