I am Number 17

i am number 17

1 in 17 people in the UK will be affected by a rare disease*. The I am number 17 exhibit visually depicts the experiences of 17 people living with rare diseases.

I am number 17 is a campaign to help the voices of those with rare diseases be heard, brought to you by Takeda, together with 13 rare disease patient groups from across the UK.

At the forefront of the campaign are 17 ‘changemakers’, people living with a rare disease or supporting someone who has a rare disease. The changemakers share their personal experiences through works of art created with paired artists from around the country.

Our goal is to increase understanding of what it’s like to live with a rare disease – and show that rare isn’t always that rare.

This campaign is initiated and funded by Takeda.

*https://www.raredisease.org.uk/what-is-a-rare-disease/. Accessed January 2020.