Exhibition: Surface & Texture by Jessica Jue & Josef Koppmann

Josef Koppmann

An exhibition of recent silverware and jewellery pieces by Jessica Jue and Josef Koppmann, who share an affinity in their love of texture, choice of materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Inspired by balance and harmony, Jessica draws and sculpts with a dramatic use of fluid, organic and playful curves, aiming to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her collections. She skilfully manipulates her forms through the ancient art of hammering, while also introducing an abundance of rich surface texture through the use of pattern and gold.

Josef’s work excels in abstract texture that reveals the intense colour of 24-karat gold, contrasted with the gentle, cool shimmer of the silver. Vibrant gemstones, carefully chosen for their unique quality and cut, form the central aspect of every piece. Each and every ring, pair of earrings or cufflinks is entirely handmade using time-honoured goldsmith’s skills, resulting in minimalist, wearable jewels for both women and men.