Exhibition: A Novice Approach


Visit the Carréducker studio during London Craft Week to see an impressive array of work by current/alumni handsewn shoe making students. 

A Novice Approach is a celebration of the timeless artistry of the traditional handsewn craft in the hands of novice shoemakers. Under the guidance of master shoemakers James and Deborah, budding shoemakers are encouraged to explore their own and the craft’s capabilities.    

The majority of students are first timers, tackling the 200+ steps in the shoemaking process on evening and Saturday morning classes learning to work with a shoemaker’s knife, and a wide variety of heritage tools.  

Venture into studio 1.20 and discover the fruits of their labour. From elegant two-tone ankle boots to meticulously brogued Oxfords, rugged storm welted walking boots and the iconic silhouette of cowboy boots, ladies Victorian-style boots to contemporary sneakers, the exhibition is testament to the diversity of this endangered heritage craft. Each pair bears the hallmark of dedication and skill.   

Beyond aesthetics, A Novice Approach, seeks to underscore the enduring significance of handsewn footwear in the modern world. The shoes epitomise timeless style, but also embody sustainability, crafted from ethically sourced, oak bark tanned leather from Devon.  

Join us in celebrating Carréducker students’ tenacity, artistry and craftsmanship.