Exhibition: Coaxed @ 1.22


Coaxed is an exhibition of three women makers – Karin Hossack, Raffaella Molin and Deborah Carré - whose work is characterised by the manipulation by hand of their chosen material, be it clay or leather, and the warmth and individuality that imparts.

They have a shared language of simple, curvaceous form - from Raffaella’s full bodied vessels and Deborah’s rounded pods to Karin’s scalloped plates and platters – that belies the challenge and skill in their making.

This is the first time that they are showing together, welcoming the opportunity to bring their work into a gallery space, with a tablescape taking centre stage.

Karin at KCHossack Pottery, creates unique table and serve-ware. Distinctive design, colour blending from nature’s palette and functionality are all key to Karin’s brand.

Raffaella’s organic, monochrome forms - lamps, pots and vases - exude a strong, expressive charm perfect for both functional use and artistic display.

Deborah, of CDLab, pushes the boundaries of wet molding, sculpting vegetable tanned leather by hand and hand tool, to create pods, bowls and vessels inspired by nature.

Visit 1.22 Oxo Tower Wharf for unique, one-off pieces and place settings for the home and bespoke commissions that celebrate the intersection of art, functionality, and enduring beauty.


By Raffaella
CD Lab
KCHossack Pottery