Evolving Landscapes

Light and land

Evolving Landscapes is a photography exhibition created by Light and Land looking at how landscape photography has evolved and developed over the last 25 years.

Featuring the work of more than 20 photographers who are paving the way for landscape photography with diversity and excellence, their work shows a wide spectrum of interpretations of landscape photography including traditional landscapes, urban and street photography, architectural and abstract photography using an ever expanding variety of photography techniques including long exposure and intentional camera movement. Each image exhibited shows the photographer’s passion and individual perspective of landscape photography.

Light and Land are Europe’s premier photography tour company created by world renowned landscape photographers Charlie Waite and Sue Bishop in 1993.

Photographers Featured: Adrian Beasley, Andy Farrer, Antony Spencer, Ben Osborne, Carla Regler, Charlie Waite, Clive Minnitt, Doug Chinnery, Joe Cornish, Justin Reznick, Luke Whitaker, Mark McColl, Matt Anderson, Paul Sanders, Peter Hendrie, Phil Malpas, Sam Gregory, Sue Bishop, Terry Gibbins, Valda Bailey, Graeme Green, Benedict Brain and Damian Demolder.