Assignments 2023 - The BPPA Exhibition

Image of two soldiers smoking a cigarette in the snow.

The British Press Photographers’ Association presents its annual ‘Assignments’ exhibition celebrating the best of press photography from its members.

Curated by 5 leading industry figures, this year’s exhibition covers stories from July 2021 through to the spring of 2023 and will feature everything from sports and entertainment to politics and protests with royals, celebrities, and global events as seen through the eyes of the association’s photographers. The exhibition covers all 5 floors of Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, and the BPPA bookshop will return once again during the exhibition.

Founded in the mid-1980s, The BPPA has sought to promote and inspire the highest ethical, technical, and creative standards from within the industry and once again is set to deliver an exhibition of photographs from the cutting edge of journalism.

Bargehouse Lift: Unfortunately, our stair lift providing step-free access to Bargehouse is currently out of order. We are working hard to get the stair lift repaired at the soonest possible date.