Potters' Yard Arts

Location: Gabriel’s Wharf

Image of Liz smiling in her shop.

Potters' Yard Arts (partners artist/potter Liz Mathews and writer Frances Bingham) set up their first pottery and lettering arts studio in London in 1986.

As a lettering artist and studio potter, Liz has exhibited very widely, and her work is in public collections including the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Poetry Library along the river in the Southbank Centre; she's also a selected member of the Crafts Council Directory. Her monumental artist’s book Thames to Dunkirk is the largest book in the British Library’s permanent collection, and her artist's book Paper Wings is in BL's Treasures Gallery, in a long-term display called The Art of the Book.

Frances is a widely published writer across the spectrum, having published poetry, fiction and biography; her most recent book was shortlisted for last year's Polari Prize. They've worked together for many years on text/image projects, including many works of local interest to Gabriel’s Wharf and the London Thames; and they still fly the rainbow flag with pride.

Potters’ Yard Arts offers year-round seasonal collections of new work fresh from the kiln, including:

  • hand-thrown and decorated inner space pots in white stoneware with a contemporary twist
  • seasonally decorated Meadow plates, bowls and jugs, and celebratory pots for year-round use and pleasure
  • artist’s books from Liz’s ongoing Singing the Year collection bringing joyful poetry to material form
  • framed paperworks - original lettering art on handmade paper
  • Rough Magic pots inspired by Shakespeare
  • Thames-themed banners and wall-art with river driftwood
  • London architectural studies and house portraits in clay and on handmade paper
  • beautiful printed books published by our micro-press The Pottery Press, which combine text and image in exciting and innovative ways
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