Why self-care matters

self-care sign and a plant

Self-care, wellness, wellbeing and self-love are all terms that have made their way into mainstream conversations – but why and what is it?

Self-care is recognising your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs and doing what you need to restore your wellbeing. Without regular self-care, you could find yourself more vulnerable to illnesses and succumbing to stress, anxiety, and depression more easily.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we all need to focus on the wellness of our mind, body and soul. Self-care looks different to everyone, so we’ve created a short list with a few ideas that we hope will suit lots of people.

Our top 6 self-care tips

  1. Focus on the quality and amount of sleep you get – no screens in the hour before bed, cut down on caffeine after 12pm and try and get active during the day; all of these will aid helping you get that much needed rest.

  2. Think of three things you’re grateful for everyday – whether it’s coffee, your bed, nature, or the people around you, finding gratitude in the smallest of things can help to change your mindset.

  3. Try journaling or a brain dump – seeing words on a page, letting it all out and delving deeper into how it is you’re feeling often feels like an instant release; things may feel lighter and easier to handle.
  4. Set time aside to do something that you enjoy – cooking, reading, writing, running, walking, yoga, playing sport, gardening, pampering, listening to music, watching a film. Whatever it may be that floats your boat, make time for it, you won’t regret it.
  5. Plan plan plan – whether that’s planning to go for a walk or planning your day hour by hour, having something to guide you through your day can really help with clarity and motivation.
  6. Positive self-talk – be nice to yourself; treat yourself as though you would treat your best friend. Try to notice negative self-talk first, then try to challenge it and make it a habit to be kind to yourself.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, so have a think about what it is that makes you feel good and be realistic about incorporating it into your daily or weekly routine – we promise self-care is a worthwhile investment.