Welcome Wingback, our newest tenant at Oxo Tower Wharf

Wingback pens

Wingback stand for an alternative to mass production and disposable culture. Everything they make is designed to improve with age and become a cherished item passed down through generations. 

Wingback sell a range of products from pens to leather wallets, travel wallets to hip flasks. All handmade in Great Britain uniting the precision of modern manufacturing with the longevity of traditional handmade design. Wingback create exceptional items designed for any journey, from commutes through the capital to adventures along the Jurassic Coast.

Can you tell us a bit about your past and experience?
I grew up in Southwest London and have always been interested in design and how things work. From about the age of 6 there hasn't been a table I've sat at where the pepper grinder has stayed in one piece; I've recently learned to put them back together again. I went to Uni in Nottingham to study Engineering and started working for Dyson straight after in his New Product Innovation department. I managed to bring two of my inventions out to market while working there; the Airblade tap and the Airwrap hair styler as well as getting a few patents under my belt. 

After a few years there I decided it was time to set out on my own, doing a little engineering consulting and trying my hand at some traditional making methods. I really began to enjoy exploring how modern manufacturing methods could marry traditional craftsmanship to create products unique to their owner, that stand the test of time. Over the last 7 years I've built a range of everyday products that omit the superfluous details and celebrate the materials and manufacturing processes behind them, leaving functional, enduring items that are built to be cherished for a lifetime.

What will you be doing out of your studio?
The studio is split into an office, showroom and workshop. The workshop is where we design and prototype new products as well as manufacture and finish our existing ones. I'm particularly excited to be welcoming customers and clients in to get hands on with the products and see the work that goes into making them.

Where does your inspiration come from?
The inspiration for Wingback came from a frustration of our disposable culture. Some products are engineered to last their warranty period but not much longer, whilst others are designed specifically to make repair impossible. The consumer is forced to rebuy and throw away the old one. I love how products used to be made. For example, if you take apart a food processor that was made in the 1980's, you'll need household tools and inside the engineering will last a lifetime. Compare that to a modern machine which you need to break to get inside of and you'll find plastic rather than metal gearing; they won't last half as long as the older machine.

The focus for Wingback is on the materials and making, if everything's made to a high standard and design is focused on improving the functions, you tend to end up with a nice result. On top of that, all of our products can be assembled and disassembled easily and we offer a lifetime complimentary repairs service.

What are your hopes and plans for Wingback’s future at Oxo Tower Wharf and beyond?
We're working on a few new product categories as well as growing our existing ranges. The new studio gives me space to experiment a bit more with new processes. I'm looking forward to running more of our artist collaborations in a space where we can open for public events and showcase our products in person.

What drew you to Oxo Tower Wharf?
Having grown up locally, South Bank brings up a lot of memories from skateboarding as a kid to lazy summer walks along the river. The Oxo Tower has always been a meeting landmark for me and I've always enjoyed wandering around the studios if I'm waiting for someone. I'm also very proud to follow in the footsteps of some of the design companies that have been here before me and are now household names. 


So, if you're looking for that special something that can be treasured forever, Wingback has the perfect products for you. 

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