Volunteering at Shakespeare’s Globe

Volunteers at The Globe

Through the hustle and bustle of South Bank peeps the magical wooden ‘O’ of Shakespeare's Globe. I grab my lanyard as I start my first shift as a volunteer at this magical theatre!

The Globe Theatre is a proud historic playhouse, built from oak beams, lime-plaster walls and the only thatched-roof building in London! I take my position through one of the double wooden doors of the yard and marvel at the beauty of the 360-degree auditorium.

Looking up from the where the groundlings stand, I can see the blue sky and clouds floating over this exciting auditorium. The roof over the stage is exquisitely painted with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seating galleries are all around the wide, open stage allowing spectators and performers to see each other. This is a space where the audience is a vital component of the performance!

The sky in the globe

The atmosphere is electric as I welcome audiences from far and wide to experience the unique playing conditions of this iconic theatre, come rain, shine or snow!

To keep the doors of Shakespeare’s Globe open we rely on our fantastic community of talented, passionate and hard-working volunteers! We are expanding our team and are looking for people with enthusiasm, a friendly and polite outlook and a desire to support our amazing theatre!

As a volunteer steward, you act as the public face of Shakespeare’s Globe during performances and events, ensuring that our visitors have a positive, safe and wonderful experience!

Are you looking to volunteer:

  1. In a role that is rewarding and stimulating?
  2. In a place that is inspiring and world renowned?
  3. In a community that shares passion and support with one another?
  4. In a time when Shakespeare has never been more exciting?

You may wish to consider applying to join our merry band!

Visit the Shakespeare's Globe website to learn more about becoming a volunteer or email us to speak to one of the volunteer team!

Email the Volunteer Team

I volunteer because Shakespeare’s Globe brings together so many diverse people.

Brian, Volunteer Steward