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The Globe

Dressed in the Globe’s red, white and black colours, I wander through the iconic Borough Market streets, dance alongside the Thames river until I see that stunning, unmistakable Tudor style beam-work that holds together William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. This is my first day as a volunteer at this glorious venue and my last day before my world changes.

As you walk up the historic North Tower, you look out of the window and gaze upon the wonders of the London City skyline. A few steps later, you turn a corner and look out on an even better view. With shadows of Mark Rylance’s Olivier shimmering between the two wooden pillars that dominate the infamous stage, you gaze around this glorious ‘O’ and pinch yourself – you’re now part of this magnificent landmark’s history.

Fizzing with anticipation, the audience waits impatiently for their Shakespeare-loving appetites to be satiated. I welcome them in, one by one with a smile and a laugh and can not wait to see their reactions as they step into the yard and see the stage lit by the open sky for the first time.

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To keep the doors of Shakespeare’s Globe open we rely on our fantastic community of talented, passionate and hard-working volunteers! We are expanding our team and are looking for people with enthusiasm, a friendly and polite outlook and a desire to support our amazing theatre!

Are you looking to volunteer:

  1. In a role that is rewarding and stimulating?
  2. In a place that is inspiring and world renowned?
  3. In a community that shares passion and support with one another?
  4. In a time when Shakespeare has never been more exciting?

Yes, yes, yes and yes? Then it sounds like you would be the perfect new recruit to our band of merry revellers.

As a volunteer steward, you act as the public face of Shakespeare’s Globe during performances and events, ensuring that our visitors have a positive, safe and wonderful experience!

Sounds like a place you’d like to volunteer?

Visit the Shakespeare's Globe website to learn more about becoming a volunteer or email us to speak to one of the volunteer team!

“Every shift is memorable and there is always something different happening.” Elisabeth – A volunteer

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