Too big, too much!

Proposed plan showing bulk and mass of grotesque building

Join our campaign to stop the planning application for this monstrosity!

The deadline to oppose these plans is Friday 14 January 2022

Oppose these plans

The scale, bulk and siting of the proposed development is excessive, overbearing and overly dominant. The impacts on daylight received by adjacent Coin Street housing co-operatives will be severe. The riverside walkway and gardens to the north of the proposed development currently enjoy sunshine throughout the lunchtime peak and afternoon but would be cast into shadow by this development. The wanton disregard of the South Bank, one of London’s most popular amenities, is unacceptable and short-sighted!

Iain Tuckett, Coin Street Community Builders

The government’s Building Beautiful Commission called for an overt focus on beauty and refusing ugliness as a primary purpose of the planning system. National planning policy puts the creation of beautiful and sustainable buildings and places at the heart of the planning process. These proposals are grotesquery on steroids, a swollen deformity for the South Bank.

Michael Ball, Waterloo Community Development Group
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