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We are the Rising Sun, a newly formed housing co-operative in South East London, to our knowledge: the first in many years!

We currently provide a live/work space for lower income creatives and have a large community surrounding us, thanks to this called the Rising Sun collective. 

Unfortunately, our community is under threat as our landlord is trying to sell the building and we’re very close to seeing that familiar situation of an important cultural space being developed into unaffordable luxury apartments.

Fearing the loss of everything we'd built we decided to form a housing co-operative as none of us have the money to save our home ourselves.

At the centre of our community is an ex-pub called the Rising Sun which was put up for sale late last year which some of us have collectively rented for the past five years.

Over the years of renting we have repurposed the large property for the needs of the creative community; having built a recording studio, performance and filming/green screen space which is all in the underground basement conveniently stopping any noise issue.

You might have seen us in the press over the past few months, most recently Time Out magazine which you can find here

We have just £35k left to raise in loan stock before we are over the line, the total costs are £1.1 million in total. This final £35k will be going towards green improvements on the building and our highly essential ninth bedroom (critical to the success of the financial plan).

Please follow us on social media platforms Instagram  @risingsuncollective and on Twitter @risingsunlondon 

For more information on how you could invest in this cooperative housing initiative please visit

Any help is much appreciated!

The Rising Sun Housing Co-operative

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