Rambert Teacher Profiles: Rosie Rose

A picture of the Rambert building

I'm Rosie Rose! I currently teach an open class accompanied by musician Max on Thursday evenings at Rambert. I enjoy teaching in the studios here as they overlook the Thames, feeling high up dancing along the Southbank to live music feels great. When you leave the building printed on the door there is a message saying: “Thanks for showing up”  and everyone leaves feeling in a new state.

Image of the door saying 'thanks for showing up'

We explore the funk rhythms from the live guitar therefore participants can expect to find their groove, bounce and fundamentals within hip-hop dance styles. It is a dynamic class exploring different time signatures and sounds which feeds into inspiring how we will move. Over the term of classes each week various funk styles and body parts are explored starting with a warm-up finishing with stretching to unwind. I teach because sharing dance, the culture and watching people move in their bodies is fulfilling to me. Perhaps participants are inspired to deepen their practice noticing the health benefits plus their general well-being is increased. The class provides a space for people to be creative being open with their mind and body.

A picture of Rosie in a Rambert studio, smiling at the camera

I began teaching dance from voluntary assisting teachers at Chaplins Stage School on Saturdays during my teenage years. I would also play and dance with my triplet and older sister creating shows for our parents and neighbours. During my secondary school years I would turn up early before school to use the dance studio for free and spent as much time as possible in there dancing and having fun with friends. In hindsight from myself experiencing phenomenal teachers and meeting pioneers I recognise how important it was for my growth. I aim for participants to leave feeling better than when they came in through the door to transform or have revelations through connecting. From observation I have noticed memory is something which is increased and self expression occurs which is liberating for people.

Rambert contemporary dance session

In addition to the open classes at Rambert I lecture at IRIE! Dance theatre on the BA(hons) course in diverse dance styles fostering young people on their journeys. In the near future I will start to teach Rambert Grades which is a new progressive and inclusive program intentionally made to empower dancers. The word 'play' is what my classes are based on, to find, to question and to be curious are principles I function with. Come and join the Rambert community and feel the funk mid week.


Street dance foundations: Beginners classes are on Thursdays from 6:30- 7:30pm. Click here for more info and how to join!

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