Rambert Teacher Profiles: Danielle Capretti

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In teaching disco, I have discovered you are never too old to shake your groove thing! Or too young, either!

My class is about positive nostalgia, funky movement and free expression. The infectious joy of 70s disco music gives uplifting psychological benefits to all. For me, it is especially rewarding when one of my ‘disco children’ hears a song from my curated soundtrack and recalls a wonderful memory from his/her youth. Additionally, the warm-up provides all parts of the body’s groove machine a great cardio workout. Dancers will also take away a new line dance from each class, authentic to the period and embellished with their own creativity, which we develop throughout our sessions.

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After finishing teacher training at Dance District in Toronto in 2008, I wanted to do something original with my dance career.  Recalling my joy dancing to the latest hits in the 70s, I decided to revive the wonderful moves and grooves of the era with a 70s line dance class.  Sadly, such classes seemed to have all but vanished.  So, I decided to create one through thorough research into the dances of the period.   Fourteen years later, I have taken my class to Canada, Albania, Italy and Wales, and also fronted a dance group in Toronto, The Disco Diva and her Diva-ettes.

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The world could use more 70s disco spirit.  The decade witnessed fantastic music and funky line dancing, which, when done in a large group, created a wonderful communal vibe.  Many of these dances have unfortunately been lost--long-buried in books and television footage.  I believe they deserve resurrecting to recreate the positive communal benefits of group dancing at a time when they are sorely needed.

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I love teaching for Rambert, as Rambert values unique and daring classes, and welcomes unique and daring people. Disco was unique and daring for its time, pushing forward the acceptance of all races, sexual orientations and gender identities. Rambert is the place for disco to be.


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