Phase 1 of the Bernie Spain Gardens north makeover has started

Image of Bernie Spain Gardens upgrade

Bernie Spain Gardens phase 1 – works start from 2 December 2020

At Coin Street, our vision for improving the tired looking Gardens in the north of the park is moving a step closer thanks to Lambeth Council. Work on phase 1 of the re-landscaping project has just started and runs until April 2021. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. However, during the works, access will still be possible from the riverside walkway.

Before work starts on the main construction of a new granite boundary wall, we need to implement the agreed tree strategy, which has been developed with great care by our arboricultural adviser and Lambeth’s tree officer.

Design showing the new granite wall to be constructed

Our tree strategy aims to improve tree health and resilience

Please be assured the removal of 3 lime trees is being carefully overseen by our tree specialists and much of the work will be done by hand to limit any damage to neighbouring trees which need more space to grow. One strong tree will be replanted once the wall has been built. The tree strategy for the north part of the park is all about tree health and resilience by allowing more space for trees to grow and increasing the variety of tree species. Originally, this part of the park was going to be used for development and planting was only temporary. Coin Street who now owns the park will be creating a lasting sustainable and biodiverse garden for many generations to enjoy.

More than ever before, access to green space is vitally important and we look forward to keeping you updated on a shared community vision to create an oasis on the South Bank.