Only Days Left to Save the South Bank

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The SOS Save Our South Bank campaign has created amazing momentum and thousands of people have raised their concerns and objections to the 72 Upper Ground re-development by signing our online petition!

The plans for a new office block are 225% the size of the existing ITV Studios. This slab of a building will blight views along the river and deprive neighbouring residents of daylight – unbelievably it was agreed by Lambeth Council planning committee in March.

Lambeth Council sent the application to the GLA, and Sadiq Khan on 9 August 2022 which means there are only a few days to left for the London Mayor to either approve the application, reject the application or “call it in” for more detailed scrutiny. There is every chance this application might “sneak under the radar” in the time left if we don’t speak up now!  

There are two things we need your help with:

  1. Sign the Petition
  2. Email the Secretary of State

1. Sign the Petition

On the 22 August we will present the petition to Sadiq Khan to ask him to do the right thing for the South Bank and London.

2. Email the Secretary of State, Greg Clark MP

In your email please state:

  • You are worried about the impacts of the 72 Upper Ground development on your neighbourhood, and for London 
  • You think it should be “called in” for a public enquiry so these can be properly considered.

The Minister has the power to put a stop to this and “call it in” for a public enquiry, where the scheme will be properly scrutinised and local people’s objections can be heard and not railroaded through.

The Secretary of State will be considering in the next couple of weeks whether he should “call this in” and take the 72 Upper Ground application to a full public enquiry. He needs to know how much opposition there is, both locally and further afield, which will make all the difference in whether he chooses to step in on this one.

  • Florence Eshalomi MP asserts “This will cause unjustified harm to the area and those who live here” and has stood with Lambeth councillors Sarina Da Silva and Ibrahim Dogus against the plans. 
  • The Times: Richard Morrison said “This monstrosity must not be allowed to sully the South Bank” 
  • The Guardian: Simon Jenkins called it an “aggressive eyesore” and nicknamed it ‘The Slab’.
  • The Observer: Rowan Moore dubbed it a “brute of a building” and pointed out to his readers because it is so oversized “It’s about squeezing as much profitable volume as possible out of the site”. 

Please find 5 minutes to Email the Secretary of State and push the petition to your social media networks. 

We aim to achieve something better for Lambeth, London, and the UK.

Thank you so much for your support.

On behalf of the Save Our South Bank Action Group

Infographic showing the size of proposed development