My Time at Coin Street

Izzy on the Summer Boat trip

I’m Izzy and I am a 21-year-old university graduate with a Degree in International Development with Economics.

Between August and September, I spent three weeks interning at Coin Street with Keith Winestein, the Communications and Media Manager.

I am going on to do my master’s in Digital Marketing at the end of September so I was extremely excited at the opportunity to gain some experience in my area of study at such an interesting organisation. 

Coin Street is an extremely friendly work environment which is highly commendable considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on office life, with most staff not being back in the office full time yet.

I also found it admirable that the different parts of the organisation that do such different things all work together in the same space so seamlessly. 

One of the first things that I learned about Coin Street was that it is not like anything else. It is a unique organisation operating like its own country with countless moving parts.

A tour of the 13 acre site clarified this even more. From property holdings and galleries to youth groups and community events it touches on a multiplicity of different industries and other organisations.

Coin Street can participate in so many interesting projects and support good causes because of the diverse profile it has.  

I was given the opportunity to have input from day one and felt as though what I had to say was truly valued.

With each day at Coin Street my confidence within the organisation grew. Their openness to new ideas and eagerness to gain an outside perspective is a testament to the collaborative foundations of a community focused organisation. 

My tasks varied and I was taught how to edit the website, schedule social media posts and was entrusted to write blog posts and design leaflets. Keith was great at showing be the ropes and I have gained skills I’m sure will be invaluable in the future in whatever role I end up in.

As a part of the communication and marketing team, one of my roles was creating content to promote events going on in areas around Coin Street. This included supporting other causes and charities that operate locally and worldwide.

The causes I worked on included preparing for two key events: World Mental Health Day (coming up on 10 October), which aims to raise awareness and support for those with mental health issues.

Another is the Good Chance Theatres  The Walk which raises awareness about refugees through the story of Little Amal who will come to Riverside Walk on 23 October. 

One aspect that I found especially interesting was looking at the exhibitions on show in the gallery spaces which included Vivid Dreams by Parkinson’s Art and Assignments by British Press Photographers Association and finding out about some of the designer-makers in the retail studios. 

My final day was my most exciting as I attended a boat trip on the Thames with some members of the Coin Street community. There was an amazing atmosphere and I got a real feel for what it means to be a part of Coin Street and its inspirational neighbourhood.

The sense of community was overwhelming and the bond between residents and the community team was clear as I got the honour of getting to know some of them through the day.

My time at Coin Street was both useful and interesting. I learned a lot and got to experience a new environment.

Overall, I would say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would encourage other people to get involved at Coin Street where they can if they aren’t already.