Melanie Hills Reflections

Melanie Hills

Melanie Hills has been on placement with us in our Family Support Team as a Student Social Worker since August. Ahead of her move back to the United States of America, she kindly shared some reflections on her time at Coin Street.  

From the moment I walked in and talked to the lovely Help Desk people I knew working at Coin Street was going to be incredible internship. I also learned so much at Coin Street. Not only about culture in the UK, but how to interact with clients and I have become a lot more confident in my professional and personal abilities. 

The best thing about working at Coin Street has been the welcoming environment I was so lucky to have experienced.

There are so many funny memories! We literally laugh every day. Probably the funniest was out on a home visit trying to order an English breakfast with Hommie.... evidently, I did it wrong and a proper breakfast doesn't come with fries.. I would steal Hommie from Coin Street if I could and take her back with me to the US. I am so sad to leave her! 

I am heading back to the United States of America next to continue my master's in social work at Fordham University in New York. I will also have a new internship for my second semester at a clinic where I'll be working with outpatients on a team with psychologists and physicians.

Thank you so much for having me! Every conversation in the kitchen, smile, and words of encouragement has meant a lot to me. More than I could ever articulate. There is such an amazing vibe throughout the team that I cannot wait to share with my friends and professors back home.

While I knew from the moment, I entered the neighbourhood centre that I would fit in, I was still nervous to meet new people and live in a new country independently. Coin Street and Fordham have provided me an opportunity of a lifetime that I will never forget. I will only ever have positive things to say about the people at Coin Street and the work that's done here. I can't wait to come back. (Call me if you're every hiring!!!!)

Learn more about the placement abroad programme at Fordham University with Melanie and Natalie Lee, Coin Street's Head of Youth and Community programmes in this YouTube video here.

Melanie Hills