Meet sustainable fashion brand Genki Designs at Gabriel’s Wharf

Image of a clothing rack in a shop.

Meet Camille Dawson, founder and designer of Genki Designs, one of our latest additions to Gabriel’s Wharf! 

Genki Designs is a sustainable eco-fashion label, making women’s and unisex clothes from upcycled vintage Indian silk.

We spoke to Camille recently to find out a bit more about Genki: 

“Genki Designs has recently opened in Gabriel’s Wharf on London’s South Bank, and is all about making beautiful, vibrant clothing, which isn’t damaging to the planet or its people. 

All the products and pieces are transparently sourced and ethically created, and made on a principle of ‘People, Planet, Process’.

It’s a colourful wonderland inside our store, and we create clothing from a few different types of fabrics. It all started with upcycling silk sarees. We find these beautiful, amazing pieces of fabric (which would go to waste) and upcycle them into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

We’ve also got fun things like glitzy cowboy hats and scrunchies and accessories, and with our designs, we’re always trying to embody a sense of fun and joy and playfulness. 

That’s really what we’re trying to channel here at Genki, so please come down and feel Genki with us!” 


Genki loves making feel-good clothing that is vibrant, fun to wear, and kind to our planet. 

Discover what’s in store at Genki Designs, only in Gabriel’s Wharf.

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