Meet Marsha, our newest restaurant, built on sustainability

Chicken tenders on a blue plate

Excited to be able to go to a restaurant again? Looking for a truly unique setting on the River Thames?

Gabriel’s Wharf is excited to welcome brand new restaurant Marsha who opened on 17 April - just in time for us to sit outside with friends and family again! There will be plenty of seating right next to the South Bank of the River Thames with gorgeous views guaranteed.

The Marsha team are focused on sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients…

As for our food, we source ingredients ethically – buying only higher-welfare chickens from the Soane family farm in the Yorkshire Wolds. And we use every part of them so that nothing is wasted. We’re big on vegan, too. For us, this balance makes sense –it’s about eating ethically

Marsha is a business with a conscience and passion for great tasting food. The menu has lots of mouth-watering options; Roasted Soane’s Yorkshire chicken, Marsha’s plant-based cheeseburger, Smoked cheddar mac and cheese, and Vegan chocolate sundae.

As well as a focus on sustainable food, the refurbishment of Marsha has been done by re-using, re-loving, and re-imagining old light fittings and using sustainably sourced materials to give overlooked pieces a chance to shine. So you can dine with them and know that your money is going to a business who truly cares.

Gabriel’s Wharf is an incredible location; we feel privileged to be part of a vibrant community at the heart of the South Bank. Marsha is simple, elegant, with a caring soul, and definitely doesn't lack a captivating personality. Our focus on sustainability means we have created a menu that shows a lot of respect for The Noble Chicken, using all its parts and showcasing delicious recipes. After a challenging year, it feels unreal to be able to welcome our guests and plan for an exciting future.

Dino Manganaro, General Manager at Marsha

We can’t wait to try their zero-waste menu as soon as they open their doors. If you want to book with them or see their menu head to their website.

Visit their website here
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