Meet the maker: Heads Rule Hearts

Janice's workspace

Janice who owns and runs Heads Rule Hearts in Gabriel’s Wharf. She specialises in a range of hats, from felts to straws along with children's clothes and other accessories like face masks and fascinators. Read on to see what she enjoys making the most…

It’s freezing today, what is your warmest hat?

These are all probably as warm as each other, they’re sure to keep your head from freezing!

Warmest hats

What is your favourite item you make?

Probably the fascinators, I don’t do them often, but I sketch them first which I really like doing. This year not many people are having weddings, so I haven’t really done a lot. They’re good for races as well so hopefully I'll make more if they’re able to go ahead.

Janice's fascinators in red and black

How long have you been at Gabriel's Wharf for?

Since 2000, so 20 years now!

You make summer and winter styles, but which do you prefer and why?

I think I would have to say prefer making winter hats because the fabric is a lot nicer texture wise, like velvets and fake fur. I'm not as keen on the summer fabrics like the cotton or linen. The winter ones are more textures, they’re nicer to touch and they’re all lined. 

What’s your favourite thing about the items you make?

It’s the creativity and obviously I don’t have to mass produce them. So with the children’s hats I would usually do between 10 – 20 of each style. It’s really nice doing a one off that I’ve designed and created from scratch.

Children's hats

Janice has also started making masks for those who may need one...