Loveness Lee Launches new Aevum Jewellery Collection

Aevum Jewellery Collection

One of our designer-makers; Loveness Lee has just released her latest jewellery collection.

Taking its name from the Latin word for “everlasting time”, the Aevum collection encompasses a selection of necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and bold and delicate earrings.  Click here to visit her online shop, or come by Loveness’ store right here on the first floor of Oxo Tower Wharf to see the collection for yourself!

The Aevum collection⠀

The Aevum collection is a contemporary take on the first ever documented jewellery made over 115,000 years ago. The collection mimics the texture of bones, a material used by the very first jewellery makers,  and pairs this with freshwater pearls to produce something totally original.

Fusing the basic elements of nature with the rich history of jewellery making and modern-day design, Loveness has created a collection of both delicate and bold forms which pay homage to our past, as well as where we are today.

Aevum takes its name from the Latin word for “everlasting time”, which is a reflection of the abiding nature found within the inspiration of this collection. Encompassing a selection of necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bold and delicate earrings is a fusion of rice pearls, peacock pearls, grey drop pearls, pink drop pearls, lavender nugget pearls, black powder coating and textured sterling silver.

The art of making jewellery

Loveness’ has always been fascinated with abstract shapes and textures within nature, and her latest collection is no different.  Creating serendipitous designs made with locally sourced materials, Loveness is inspired to create jewellery that is art.

For Loveness jewellery is a channel, a way of elevating the quotidian by creating beautiful physical objects. Each piece is inspired by a natural and serendipitously-formed shape or texture, and the Aevum carries this continuation.

Stop by Loveness’s shop here on the first floor of Oxo Tower Wharf to see her making these fine pieces for yourself!

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