Living Wage Week 2022

Living Wage Week: We are one of thousands of accredited employers

It's Living Wage Week 2022 and Coin Street are proud to be part of the network of thousands of Living Wage employers in the UK. 

Living Wage Week is a campaign run by the Living Wage Foundation to celebrate the movement of accredited Living Wage employers across the UK.

What is the real Living Wage? 

An independently calculated wage based on what people need to get by in the area they live. It was formed from the belief that employees deserve a wage that meets their everyday needs – like the weekly shop or a trip to the dentist, rather than just the government minimum. 

The national living wage is currently £9.50 - this is the government-set mandatory minimum wage for employees over the age of 23 and is the same across the UK.  

The real Living Wage is £10.90 across the UK and £11.95 in London and is a voluntary wage paid by employers who have signed up to the real Living Wage campaign.  

 At Coin Street, we remain a committed London Living Wage employer and will continue to be. With the cost of living crisis affecting those on the lowest wages the most, this commitment is more important than ever.

How did the real Living Wage come about? 

The campaign for a Living Wage was launched in London in 2001 by Citizen's UK, when the minimum wage was set at just £3.70 per hour across the UK. The campaign was a great success, galvanising hospitals, schools, local organisations and institutions to pay their employees a Living Wage.  

In 2011 the movement went national, the first UK Living Wage was launched, and the Living Wage Foundation was set up to recognise and celebrate the businesses that choose to go further than the government minimum. 

The history of the living wage

Today over 11,000 organisations across all sectors have joined the movement but it's important that this number continues to grow.  

That's why you'll see us supporting Living Wage Week across our social media and website this week, to encourage other organisations to get on board and pay their employees a real Living Wage.

You can find out more information about the Living Wage Foundation, their history and how the real Living Wage is calculated on their website: