Little Amal at Gabriel’s Wharf  Saturday 23 October at 3pm!

Little Amal Drawing with red hearts

Little Amal at Gabriel’s Wharf  Saturday 23 October at 3pm!

Come to Gabriel’s Wharf at 3pm on Saturday 23 October and give a big Coin Street warm welcome to Little Amal a young Syrian refugee who is 3.5m-tall! One little girl. One BIG Hope!

The giant walking puppet was created by the artists behind War Horse at the National Theatre. Little Amal represents millions of child refugees and is on a journey across Europe, sadly like so many other children. 

This amazing puppet has already walked 8,000 kilometres from Turkey and will finish her long journey in Manchester.

Her story echoes that of millions of young refugees across the globe forced to flee their homes to escape danger.

Unfortunately, the story of little Amal is not an uncommon one, the recent news with nightly coverage on our television screen showing refugees escaping Afghanistan have brought the plight of refugees to our consciousness.

Good Chance are using puppetry art to relay an important message of refugee acceptance. Through drawing attention to Little Amal, they open the discussion on the plight of refugees.

A group of young children and their parents from Coin Street Family Support will be ensuring that Little Amal is welcomed into our inspirational neighbourhood.

For more information go to The Walk