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Karate class

Interested in trying karate? We caught up with Angelo, founder of Sasori Shotokan Karate Clubs, who uses Colombo Gym to teach his classes. 

Sasori Shotokan Karate Clubs are a group of London based karate clubs, established in 1983 and run by Angelo Sanna sensei, a Rokudan: 6th Dan Black Belt. They combine the best of traditional Japanese Karate with modern training and open-minded learning.

Head down to Colombo Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7 – 9pm to give it a try.

Angelo, what is Shotokan Karate? 

Shotokan is one of the most widely practiced traditional forms of Karate in the World. Introduced to Japan from Okinawa by Master Funakoshi in 1922, Shotokan focuses on Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (forms), and Kumite (sparring) to develop a range of powerful, dynamic and practical techniques.

Kara-Te is a form of unarmed combat: in fact the word literally means ‘Empty Hand’. So, there are no weapons involved, the entire body is used for blocking, punching and striking. The refined style of Shotokan we teach today is designed to help you develop not only your body but your mind and character too.

What was your motivation for getting into Karate? 

I come from a family of Boxing fighters and karate was something I can relate to, so it just seemed right for me. Also, when I was younger, Bruce lee was all the rage.

How do you see this developing further? 

Karate is a Martial Art, so I can see more people getting involved as a way to release some work or post-pandemic related stress.

Why is working with the Colombo Centre important to you? 

I started teaching at the Colombo Centre in 1989 and the centre staff became part of my family – working together to improve the efficiency and success of the centre is really important to us.

Why not give Karate a try? They teach men, women and children of all abilities; new members are always welcome. If you’d like to find out more, take a look at What to Expect or contact. Alternatively, come along to watch or bring some tracksuit bottoms and have a go.

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