Interview with Maureen Lewis Takyi during Black History Month

Maureen Lewis Takyi

Black History Month 

During Black History Month should we only remember and acknowledge Black people from the past who have made a difference to British life? Or should we also be inspired by Black people who make their mark today and remember to acknowledge their contribution every day?

I have two boys that love football! They are athletic and are passionate about other sports too; cricket, rugby and table tennis.

So, for Black History Month if I was to pick anyone, I feel someone living now would apply to my boys as their inspiration. 

You may not know him, so I will introduce him to you: Patson Daka.

Paston was born in Zambian and was recently signed to Leicester City FC.  He recently got noticed for his awesome goals in two games recently. He is the first Zambian to score in a Premier League game. Patson is also the first Leicester City player to score a hat-trick in Europe. And the first Leicester City player to score 4 goals in any game since 1958.

Is he worth taking notice of? Yes he is!

Why have I mentioned him? Because I was born in Zambia and am proud to tell my boys during a game and shout, well done Patson!!!

It’s important to me to make my boys aware of him, how far he has come and how great he his doing with Leicester City and the Premier League. In addition, reminding them of where I am originally from and that I am proud to be Black, African and British!

My name is Maureen Lewis Takyi and was born in Zambia. My husband Alexander Takyi was born in Ghana and our two boys are Jordan 8 and Aiden 5.

I discovered Coin Street when I was looking for a playgroup for my boys. I was keen to find positive social settings for our boys.

After my family experienced fire in our building, Coin Street was on hand to help, support and just listen to me and my frustrations during that time. Because I had received help, I felt I needed to help and support individuals and families too in similar or difficult situations. So now I am a family Support Volunteer with Coin Street. 

Daka scores FOUR goals!