Gift Guide 2020 under £100

Christmas at Oxo Tower Wharf 2020

You can still support small businesses without breaking the bank this Christmas.

We have worked together with our wonderful tenants to compile a list of the best gifts for under £100 – this means you can spoil those who matter the most to you, knowing your hard-earned money is going on something lovingly designed and made by a small business.

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Brand Academy

Stitch Star Zip Pouch 

Price: £25

As an evening clutch or a travel make up bag, the star sign zip pouch is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, even if that special someone is you! Not only is it a versatile little bag, handy for day-to-day use or travels, but it’s specially perforated allowing the user to stitch in their star sign to customise the bag. Comes complete with needle and thread to get you started on your astrological journey.

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Japanese Clay Pot

Price: £73

This is a classic donabe ceramic pot for cooking.  Made by Nagatani-en, the clay used in the Iga-ware pottery tradition is especially suiting to this kind of heavy based pot.  It is decorated in the hakeme form of ceramic design. Ideal for shared hot pots on a gas burner, or slow cooking on the hob, donabe are a feature of winter in Japan.

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Sima Vaziry

Coin Large

Price: £95

These stylish earrings feature a coin with a calligraphic impression of the poetry of Rumi, a Persian poet widely admired in the rest of the world. The textured disc hoop is finished with gold vermeil.

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WBSJ Wellington Boots

Price: £86 (10-15% will go to Wild Bird Society of Japan to protect wild birds)

Loved by birdwatchers and festival goers, these Wild Bird Society of Japan wellington boots have a broad appeal.  They are appreciated both for their practicality and their style.  Made in natural rubber to the WBSJ’s specifications, the boots can be folded and placed in their accompanying carry case for easy transit.  This makes them especially suited to trips in unpredictable weather.

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Giant Allium Charm Ring

Price: £35

One of their best-selling giant charm rings in light blue. Featuring an explosive seed head inspired by alliums, a real statement piece. This flexible ring fits easily on your finger and the floral charm can be removed or swapped for others in your collection. The ring shank expands slightly so it will fit most finger sizes.

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We Are We Wear

Lizzy Lace & Velvet Plunge Underwire Bra

Price £26

They understand that all women bodies are different, so their Every Night collection offers girls great fit in a variety of shapes, without comprising on design detail.

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‘LOVE WINS’ Acrylic Box Neon Light 

Price: £94.95

Bring some brightness to your home or workspace with our beautiful acrylic neon boxes. This ‘Love Wins’ neon light is available in red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, blue, green and light blue encased in a beautiful glossy acrylic box with a mirror back. The perfect statement neon lighting piece for your home or unique gift for that special person.

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Sotis Filippides

Ceramic vessels

Price: £45-£75

Ceramic vessels with 24 carat gold or platinum interior – approx. 10cm x 6cm each. 

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