Enjoying art during Covid

Anna and Gerry outside Tate Modern

Anna Glarin, Community Programmes Coordinator chatted recently with Gerry Daniels, resident, over 50s Art Group.

How did you first hear about Coin Street?

I first heard about Coin Street when I was living behind The Old Vic. I was living in a bedsit, wandered along the river and found Coin Street Neighbourhood centre. I put my name down for one of the cooperative homes, but missed out on getting a flat by two years!

How long have you been coming to Coin Street? What sessions do you attend?

I’ve been coming to Coin Street for about 6 or 7 years now. The session I mainly attend is the over 50s Art Group, which I really enjoy.

Gerry on the outdoor terrace at Oxo Tower Restuarant

Gerry often attends community events like our recent picnic in Archbishop's Park, coffee mornings at OXO Tower Restaurant (seen above), the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibition at Tate Modern and seniors parties like Young at Heart and the Boat Party held every year.

What is your favourite memory of Coin Street?

My favourite memory is the first time I went on the seniors boat party one summer. I still remember that as it was really lovely.

How has the pandemic affected you?

It was pretty difficult to begin with. There were lots of ups and downs. I really had to go with the flow.

What support did you receive from Coin Street during this time?

I got support through emails and WhatsApp messages from the community team checking in. I also took part in the Art Group sessions we had over Zoom, which I really liked as they were very interactive.

What are you most thankful for after going through this pandemic?

The Art Group really kept me going. It kept me interested in my art. Being creative helped me relax and so I appreciated being a part of it. I really like the other art group members. Learning new things and the lectures we have on different artists too. As for the people who run the group; you and Ellie are great!