Dry January 2023

Image of two pink cocktails with a slice of lemon.

Going alcohol-free this month? We’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to make a change to your health and wellbeing this year, Dry January is the perfect opportunity for you.

Go alcohol-free for the month of January and reap the benefits!

What is Dry January?

Dry January is an annual campaign taking place each January, set up by Alcohol Change UK, to encourage people to go alcohol-free for the whole month.

There are many physical, mental, and financial benefits to reducing your alcohol intake. These include lowering your risk of high blood pressure, liver disease, seven types of cancer, and depression. Swapping alcoholic drinks for mocktails and soft drinks can also save you money throughout the month.

Alcohol-Free Options at Gabriel’s Wharf

If you’re taking part in Dry January, visit us at Gabriel’s Wharf on London’s South Bank to try our mocktails and soft drinks at our restaurants.

Located right next to the river Thames, enjoy breathtaking views of London’s skyline, and explore a wide range of alcohol-free drinks available.

Image of a mocktail on a wooden table.

1. Limin’ Beach Club

Limin’ Beach Club is an independently owned Caribbean restaurant that brings the heat to the South Bank, serving authentic Trinidadian food and delicious rum cocktails.

During Dry January, Limin’ has a range of mocktails available for you to try, such as ‘Don’t punch me’, ‘Trini-tea’, and coconut water straight from the coconut. ‘Don’t punch me’ is a fusion of passionfruit, grenadine, lime, and mango, while ‘Trini-tea’ is jasmine and rhubarb tea with sorrel shrub, lime and CBD (25mg).

Image of a someone holding a non-alcoholic lager.

2. Marsha

Marsha is one of our riverside restaurants which offers a minimal-waste menu making as much use of the chicken as possible, alongside fantastic views across the Thames.

While Marsha runs Happy Hour every weekday for their classic cocktails, they also have a delicious mocktail range as part of their January Wellbeing Month menu.

Enjoy ‘Garden of Detox’ with Seedlip Garden, London Essence pomelo and blood orange, ‘Vita’ with apple juice, mixed spices, and fresh lemon, and ‘Lucky Devil’, using Lucky Saint non-alcoholic lager, citrus, and lemonade.

Image of 2 drinks at a wooden table.

3. Gourmet Pizza Co.

Known as the ‘Little Italy’ of Gabriel’s Wharf, Gourmet Pizza Co. overlooks the iconic London skyline serving authentic Italian pizzas, pasta, salads, and drinks.

Gourmet Pizza Co. has a variety of delicious soft drink options available to compliment your pizza or pasta dish.

Choose from Sicilian Still Lemonade, Sparkling Elderflower Pressé, San Pellegrino and more while you take in the views of the South Bank.

We hope you enjoy taking part in Dry January and looking after your wellbeing this year!

Stay alcohol-free at Gabriel’s Wharf and choose our delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic soft drinks when dining at our restaurants.