Daylight Robbery

Predicted shadowing of homes on Upper Ground

A damning report shines a spotlight on the damaging impact local homes will experience if the redevelopment of 72 Upper Ground is approved by Lambeth Council this month.

Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) commissioned a report by Anstey Horne, the UK’s leading provider of specialist surveying services to report their findings.

The Anstey Horne consultancy firm identified: drastic light reductions” for houses neighbouring the former ITV site. “Those occupants that will be affected by the development will have good reason to object to the proposed development based on the daylight injuries to their properties” the consultants said. The report has been submitted to Lambeth Council and a response is awaited. CSCB and WCDG understand that the daylight impacts exceed those which were a key factor when the controversial development at 8 Albert Embankment in Vauxhall was refused recently after a public inquiry.

Numerous residents who will be overshadowed by this building have objected to the decision makers, Lambeth Council. Many have reported their anxiety about being cast into darkness with no option to move because they are social tenants. Mitsubishi Estate and the CO-RE developer’s own revised Environmental Statement cites the daylight effects from the building’s massing as “significantly adverse”.

Mary Lincoln Todd, a local co-op resident said: "To say I am ‘disappointed’ regarding the height and width of the new building is an understatement!  My light will be seriously affected. Lights would have to be ON all day. I'm of an age now wearing glasses to read and having the lights on all day reflect and disturb my reading. Natural daylight is essential. I have lived here for 34 years and seen many changes. This is the worst proposition ever. Too high! Too big!! Too much!!!".

Dearbhla Molloy, a local social housing tenant said: "As someone who lives directly opposite the proposed development, I would ask Lambeth Council to reject this application on both aesthetic and light my case the daylight in my living room, where I spend most of my day, will be reduced by 75% and I would find this profoundly depressing."

CSCB and WCDG demand that this planning application not be reported to the decision makers Lambeth Council Committee until all the outstanding technical points on daylight have been resolved; to do otherwise would mean that Officers would be reporting, and Members would be determining an application without accurate information on the impacts and without being able to weigh the planning balance correctly.

The public can still make their objection known to the decision makers Lambeth Council.

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