Crafts magazine meets three of our new designer-makers at Oxo Tower Wharf

Winngback Alasdair Maclaine Oxo Tower Wharf

Crafts magazine came to Oxo Tower Wharf to meet three of our new designer-makers, The Ringsmiths, Wingback, and Grace Lane London. 


Ros Millar and Milena Kovanovic are close friends and award-winning jewellers. In 2019 they came together to form The Ringsmiths, a small business running jewellery making workshops and selling at-home jewellery making kits. 2022 was the year that they came to join the creative community at Oxo Tower Wharf.

"We're determined on finding the right unit for us. We've only been in here a couple of weeks, we've only ran a couple of workshops, but we're absolutely loving the space. We've got so much sunlight and space! When we invite our groups of 8 or 12 to come to a workshop, it feels very spacious and inviting."

The beautiful thing about Oxo Tower (Wharf) is the get to meet a lot of the community and the other makers as they're walking past and going into their studios. In the couple of weeks we've been here we've managed to meet a lot of makers.

The Ringsmiths

Alasdair MacLaine is the founder and director of Wingback. Wingback creates everyday lifestyle accessories such as small leather wallets and stationery. Everything is made in the UK and built to last.

"I really like getting stuck into making stuff... the product development process. From creating sketches, to building the cardboard model, to 3D printing it; and then actually having your products in people's pockets. Hearing about their use of them and how they enjoy using them; it's really fulfilling."

Wingback moved into Oxo Tower Wharf in October 2021. Alasdair speaks of the many designers throughout the years that have inspired him that have started their journey or have spent some time renting a studio at Oxo Tower Wharf. 

It feels like a bit of a rite of passage coming through here as a design company. It's really cool to be here in this iconic location and developing a brand here...trying to get involved with the community, and actually have people being able to walk in and see the product. We haven't had that before...chatting to customers and interacting with people...physically, rather than just online. It's a wicked place to be.

Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback

Grace Lane is a designer and maker for bridal, film, and fashion. Grace moved into her studio in January 2022.

"I always loved making things, and I always loved working with my hands, pattern cutting, and sewing. I really wanted to find a job that I could do that every day...I have always loved creating something that's got a purpose. It's nice to work with a tangible product."

I had always dreamed of having a studio space here...I feel very lucky to be here. I also love the community aspect. Coin Street have saved a lot of these buildings from falling into very corporate hands...turning them into offices. They keep the rent affordable for creatives. It means that that people who maybe wouldn't have been able to afford such an amazing Central London location can work here.

Grace Lane London

Are you interested in joining our creative community at Oxo Tower Wharf? We have studio spaces available to let!

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